FOLKrules and regulations

FOLK - Trade safe! Follow these guidelines!

Playing it Safe

The trading forums are only as safe as the community which takes care of it. It’s up to you to be careful when trading. If you see anything suspicious, please report the thread quickly with any details you may have.

Use Paypal rather than bank transfers or other forms of money exchange. Additional protection may be offered but does not cover all scenarios nor does it guarantee a full refund. See the Buyer Protection Off Ebay for further info. Paypal gift, whilst convenient, offers no such protection. There is always a risk involved when purchasing sealed items. Please ensure you take all necessary precautions, request a photograph of the item seal and where possible, collect in person.

Caveat Emptor

Do NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It’s in your best interest to check out these details yourself. The trading forums are the equivalent to a newspaper’s classified section, We cannot be held responsible nor can we vouch for any listings or sales/trades in this forum. Use your head, follow the guidelines, evaluate the risk and make your own decision.

Always follow the Trading Advice in full for agreed trades and prior to payment.

All buyers and sellers should satisfy themselves that either party is genuine by providing and verifying the following via PM to each other:

  1. Landline telephone number – make a CALL to check out the area code and number are correct. Consider using the BT Directory or to verify.
  2. Name and address including postcode. Consider verifying via
  3. Valid e-mail address.
  4. If you’re using PayPal, check to see if the seller has eBay feedback. You can also make a small payment to and from each other to validate the PayPal e-mail address
  5. Only buy from Verified PayPal Members if possible

Do NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It’s in your best interest to check out these details yourself.

Trade Obligations

All threads must include an asking price or valuation of the item if intending to trade only. All items must belong to you or your household and be in your possession. You cannot revalue your item upwards after an offer has been made. Whilst you are not obliged to sell at the listed price, you should ensure your thread is closed and 7 full days have elapsed from the date of the last post before relisting. Once an offer is made and accepted, it should be considered final. Accepting a higher bid beyond this point is not permitted, this is not an auction site. Failure by either party to complete an agreed trade may result in suspension from the site. Goods remain the sellers responsibility until buyer has confirmed receipt of the item.

No Business/Trader like behaviour

Selling more than two identical items in a three month period may be classed as bulk sales, and is therefore not permitted. Likewise, significant volumes of the same item type being offered may lead to a trade restriction.

You cannot list items if you have a live listing for the same item or item type elsewhere

This includes ‘Wanted’ threads. This is aimed to ensure that all negotiations are contained within the thread and no reference/bargaining to offers made elsewhere. Members do not always have access to other forums and are unable to verify such statements.

Profiteering is not permitted

You must not list items for higher than their RRP, nor can you trade items for a higher price you have paid for the same item elsewhere on the site.

Sales negotiations must take part within the respective thread

Dealing by PM or email is not allowed. Personal details should not be added to any listings.

A maximum of 3 bumps per thread

Do not bump your threads excessively. It’s not fair on other users. Three bumps per thread are allowed in order to promote your listing. For this reasons, no vague threads are permitted and the item offered/wanted must be specific. Any unnecessary comments or consecutive postings within your thread will be classed as a bump or thread spoil.

Threads allow up to 5 photos per post, if you are listing several items in one thread, please reserve a post at time of the thread creation (by making a comment within your thread and later editing your pictures into that comment) otherwise subsequent photo/request for photos may be deemed as a bump.

All photos must be of the actual item for sale (not a stock photo) and include a note containing your member name and dated alongside. It is your responsibility to take a picture of the item you’re selling before listing on Hotukdeals and to add them to your thread as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary bumps.

Only one person per household can use the trading forums

If your partner or a family member wishes to access the remainder of the site then please use the contact form. Any multiple accounts posting within the trading forums will be suspended from the site.

No Thread Spoiling

Do not comment within any trade thread unless you are actually interested in the item listed or you post a valid URL to the same item new and cheaper elsewhere. Links to auction / marketplace sites are not allowed. Lowball offers are classed as thread spoiling. If you are offering an item, regardless of whether in a “for sale” or “wanted” thread, you MUST state a valid asking price.

No Thread Jacking

Taking over someone else’s thread and using it for your own means.

Managing your threads

It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads and ensure 7 full days have elapsed from the last post should they decide to relist. HotUKDeals For Sale/Trade threads can be self managed via this site. HotUKDeals members can log in using their current HUKD username and password. All posts are replicated between both sites. Any Item subject to a valuation request in Misc must be reported for closure and a full 7 days have elapsed from the date/time of the last post, prior to listing the same item in the HotUKDeals trading forums.

Clothing Sales

Clothing sales (including shoes) are restricted to a maximum of 3 live current listings at any one time. You may add as many items as you wish to a single thread, however it should be noted that you can only leave a maximum of 10 feedback ratings per thread. Effective for new listings created on or after 28 January 2011 12:00 pm

Prohibited Trades

The following items must not be listed.

  1. Counterfeit items
  2. Weapons
  3. Medicines / Age Restricted Products
  4. Copied Media
  5. Console Cards / Pandora type batteries/PS3 Jailbreak Devices
  6. Alcohol
  7. Tobacco / accessories
  8. Illegal Substances
  9. Sexually Explicit Items
  10. Non Transferable Items including Gaming/Adword Accounts
  11. Items without an rrp, e.g. games marked as promo only or split bundles where no price comparison is valid.
  12. Cable TV Boxes
  13. Rail Tickets
  14. Football Tickets
  15. Vouchers with minimum spend, next to no resale value or available in electronic format only. All 1mth+ tangible Xbox live cards for example are permitted, ecodes only are not.
  16. Currency / money exchange

Trading Feedback

Please make sure you leave clear and honest trading feedback for any trade you have completed. This helps good traders build a healthy reputation and warns others about the bad ones.

Feedback should only be left after a trade is completely entered into, such as items paid for, exchange of items commenced etc. Please do not use it as a retaliatory tool at any time for any site issue, as that will at least result in an infraction, suspension or your exclusion from trading altogether.

Unresolved Trades

Traders with unresolved trades may be suspended or banned from using the trading forums. Members should attempt to resolve any issues prior to notification to moderators. In the event a member fails to return to the forum, you are advised to continue dialogue via the verified contact details received earlier in the trade.

Moderators Decisions

Requests made by moderators for further information must be adhered to. Failure to follow may result in account restrictions. In addition we reserve the right to close any thread that breaches the trading rules or we feel may be unsafe. Moderators decisions should be deemed as final, however there is a right of appeal should you disagree by using the Contact Us facility. Admin(s) will conduct an independent review.

Why Join Folk?

Folk is free to use and only between people rather than businesses.

Folk members can comment on listings, use the private messaging system, add new listings and subscribe to updates on listings